As we all go through the hard situations life inevitably brings us, it becomes harder and harder to find the joy that helps us appreciate how short life is. But light in the darkness does exist. And while life is happening, we eat. We eat when we’re happy and we eat when we’re sad. And we talk about the next meal while we’re eating the one in front of us. Often, food can even bring about memories of the past—good, bad, or indifferent. Life As She Does It presents: A Life of Flavor is a book about finding the joy in the dark times of life, with matching recipes to comfort you.

About the Author

Sheila Garcia

Sheila Garcia (a.k.a. SHE GAR-C) is the owner and founder of the creative services business Life As She Does It, a collaboration of writing, speaking, cooking, and singing. Her passion (obsession) for helping others all over the world find joy and peace while life’s complications occur has become part of her own joy.

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